Author: Jason Robertson

04 Mar About That PC Running Windows 7

February 8, 2021: Oldsmar, Florida’s water treatment plant was cyber attacked. The criminals/ terrorists did successfully access the plant’s control system and increased the amount of lye used in the water-treatment process. Thankfully, the change in the lye setting was quickly discovered, preventing any risk to...

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01 Feb A Win for the Good Guys

Finally, a cyber-criminal who targeted healthcare entities in 2020, yes, in the middle of, a global pandemic has been identified. reported earlier this week that a Canadian national has been indicted for using NetWalker ransomware to squeeze various health care systems to pay almost $28 million in...

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23 Nov Ohio Phishing Scams

Below are two awful stories from reporting how phishing scammers deceived two elderly victims out off thousands of dollars. Please if you have elderly relatives remind them not to give their banking or credit card information in this fashion. Furthermore, consider encouraging them to contact you or...

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26 Oct October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

In September, reported that IBM’s security and threat gathering clearing house known as, Security X-Force, reported 300% increase in remediated ransomware attacks. Security X-Force went on to report overall “Ransomware incidents appeared to explode in 2020." Have you thought about your organization’s Firewall Lately? Business’s cybersecurity...

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