A Win for the Good Guys

01 Feb A Win for the Good Guys

Finally, a cyber-criminal who targeted healthcare entities in 2020, yes, in the middle of, a global
pandemic has been identified. ThreatPost.com reported earlier this week that a Canadian national has
been indicted for using NetWalker ransomware to squeeze various health care systems to pay almost
$28 million in ransom in order to get their data and systems back.

Unfortunately, we don’t see many cyber-crime stories that end with an indictment of the criminal and
seizure of a substantial amount of stolen money. In fact, the story quotes a Threat Analyst who states,
“[T]he effective enforcement rate for cyber-crime in the U.S. is only 0.05 percent.” The full story by Tara
Seals can be found here.

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Source: Threatpost

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