IT Lifecycle Services

IT Life Cycle Services

Technology Acquisition & Procurement: No matter where you are in the process of acquiring and implementing assets, Lighthouse Solutions Group works alongside of your enterprise to help you cut costs, procure quality equipment that will align with your company’s needs, and implement an entire infrastructure remodel.

IT Deployment and Depot Services: We operate with both large and small-scale projects to deploy hardware and software solutions, whether from our depot sites, or at a client’s physical location. As part of our services, our Technology Centers are also hubs for ongoing support to our clients. Whether you are in need of depot and deployment services, exchange scenarios, disposal, or emergency repair services, our logistics centers are available to you.

IT Asset Management: We not only offer ongoing tracking for every technological asset in your possession, we also offer regular evaluations of your IT infrastructure, in an effort to continue to cut costs and assess the needs for repair, refresh or disposal, as well as new acquisitions.

Asset Refresh and Disposal: Our goal is to guide you through the complete cycle of your technological assets, including the compliant disposal of assets in an environmentally responsible manner, in accordance with state regulations. We also provide the secure destruction of assets, in order to protect information that is unique to your enterprise.

We are also a leading provider in Ohio of End of Life Hardware Solutions (EOLHS). So, if your organization has excess, out of service IT equipment, needing proper disposal, Lighthouse Solutions Group is ready to help. Whether you have just a few items or hundreds, we are eager to assist.

• Onsite Removal; Including Data Center Work
• Detailed Equipment Audit & Sanitization of Corporate Asset Tags
• Certified Physical Data Destruction (Hard Drives, Phones, Tablets, Tapes, Diskettes, CDs’ & Thumb Drives)
• Remarketing Solutions w/ Revenue Split
• Only EPA Approved Recycling

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