North Korea Uses Cyber Crimes to Steal Money & Revenge

01 Mar North Korea Uses Cyber Crimes to Steal Money & Revenge

North Korea Uses Cyber Crimes to Steal Money & Revenge
Per The Morning Dispatch Newsletter (link below):
“The Justice Department charged three North Korean hackers on Wednesday with conspiracy to commit computer fraud and conspiracy to commit wire and bank fraud for their alleged attempts to steal more than $1.3 billion from banks and businesses around the world. “North Korea’s operatives, using keyboards rather than masks and guns, are the world’s leading 21st-century nation-state bank robbers,” said Assistant Attorney General for National Security John Demers.”
Link to details of U.S. Attorney’s Office Central District of California indictments is below. Here are the low lights:
• Targeting of and Cyberattacks on the Entertainment Industry
• Cyber-Enabled Heists from Banks
• ATM Cash-Out Thefts
• Ransomware and Cyber-Enabled Extortion
• Creation and Deployment of Malicious Cryptocurrency
• Targeting of Cryptocurrency Companies and Theft of
• Spear-Phishing Campaigns
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