Malware Warning From Our Network Security Partner Check Point

07 Dec Malware Warning From Our Network Security Partner Check Point

Lighthouse Solutions Group is a proud Check Point reseller. Check Point is a world leader in IT security and threat prevention for business-class Networks, Data Centers, IoT and Mobile solutions. Check Point’s solutions scale from SMB to Enterprise size organizations with locations across the globe.

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On December 1st, ComputerWeekly reported Check Point Research calculated: “427% increase in phishing attempts in the US in November compared to October, with the leading impersonated brand in that geography being Amazon, which accounted for 65% of attempts.”

Along with Amazon, Check Point warns phishing scammers are also impersonating FedEx and prominent online retailers. The goal is to trick victims into downloading malware. Be it ransomware, spyware, viruses, worms, rootkits or adware. The effects range from disabling a computer, capturing passwords and financial information to disabling / locking networks and applications.

The tactic is to send emails that appear to be from say Amazon regarding a fake order or delivery problem. The receiver opens the email, clicks on a link, malware downloads and the trouble starts.

The best strategy for small businesses and organizations to protect themselves is to partner with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to deploy and pro-actively manage business-class firewalls, anti-
malware protection, endpoint security, and a data backup solution to start. Our Managed Services deliver all this and more to our customers for a flat predictable price. Protect your business now. To learn more visit, 440-239-8426 or email

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