Refurbished Computers Help Keep Cost Down and Meet High Demands

30 Apr Refurbished Computers Help Keep Cost Down and Meet High Demands

Per, PC/ Laptop sales peaked in 2011-2012 with 350m units shipped. Since then, shipments had declined until the COVID-19 pandemic shifted employees across the globe from the office to work from home. With this renewed demand for computers, sales spiked. In fact, Q4 of 2020 was the first quarter in five years in which shipments surpass 75m. This combination of sudden high demand for PCs / Laptops wrought by the pandemic, and a worldwide supply chain shortage of chips and various critical components meant delivery delays from major vendors. For example, HP currently is running 3-5 weeks to ship some laptops and PCs. Other models are simply “Out of Stock.”

In response, many businesses are turning to late model refurbished equipment to meet their PC / Laptop and server needs. We help businesses solve their IT Services and Hardware needs including helping businesses and organizations decide between New and Refurbished equipment based upon its purpose.

Please contact us to learn how our services and equipment pricing will maximize your IT budget.

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