Ohio Phishing Scams

23 Nov Ohio Phishing Scams

Below are two awful stories from Cleveland.com reporting how phishing scammers deceived two
elderly victims out off thousands of dollars. Please if you have elderly relatives remind them not to
give their banking or credit card information in this fashion. Furthermore, consider encouraging them
to contact you or another family member when they have a computer question or receive these types
of messages.

Fraud: Bay Village
On Nov. 11 a resident reported that she was the victim of fraud. Officers spoke with the woman who
said that she was online when a pop-up stated her computer had been infected with a virus. The pop-up
then gave her instructions for contacting “Microsoft Support.” The scam artists continued to contact the
homeowner who eventually went out and purchased $3,000 in gift cards. She then gave the gift card
information to the scammers. The homeowner is out the money and the Bay Village Detective Bureau is
Source: cleveland.com

Fraud: South Greenway Court
A man, 78, reported Nov. 12 being the victim of a scam after he called a phone number associated with
an email about anti-virus protection. He was under belief he was going to receive virus protection, but
during the call he gave access to his bank accounts and a $48,000 transfer took place. The transfer was
successful as the man did not report the incident for several days. Police are working with his bank to
investigate the matter.
Source: cleveland.com

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