What is a Brute-Force Attack?

24 Jun What is a Brute-Force Attack?

Is the phrase brute-force attack new to you? I hope so. Unless you’re an IT professional or have been a
victim of hacking or had your files stolen you likely have never heard the term. Unfortunately, the
technology it refers to is very common and available. It is not a virus or ransomware so keeping your
business’s virus protection up to date doesn’t protect you.

So, what is it? Essentially, a brute-force-attack it is a program that criminals use to access stolen files
that are password / encryption protected. It attempts millions of password possibilities in just hours
and eventually by “brute force” will discover the correct password and unlock the purloined files.
Unfortunately, disgruntled employees, vendors or just criminals of opportunity often have access to a
business’s network or employee PC’s that have sensitive files stored locally which they download and
then walk out the door.

There are several network security solutions businesses should implement to secure their files. For our
Managed Service Customers, basic network security is one of the first things we address. So, if you are
not a customer but are frustrated by your business’s network performance, reliability or concerned with
its security, please Contact Us. We offer a free, no obligation IT Network & Security On-Site

Finally, regardless if you contact us or not, please consider protecting your files with passwords that are
at least eight characters and are random combination of numbers, letters, symbols.

Source: Techopedia

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