The Importance of Online Data Backup Solutions

26 Feb The Importance of Online Data Backup Solutions

The Importance of Data Backups

I recently had a longtime customer contact me because the hard drive in his business laptop failed. He was hoping we could possibly retrieve data from the failed drive. Unfortunately, this customer did not take advantage of our Pro-Active IT Managed Services with Data Back-Up Solution. I responded by asking him why he needed us to attempt to retrieve his data given, he utilized an online backup solution? I assumed he only needed a replacement hard drive and maybe have us perform the restore. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the online backup solution failed to perform any backups going back seven weeks. Seven weeks of work lost. The customer simply assumed the backups were occurring, and his hard drive was fine.

As most people know, there are plenty of inexpensive online backup solutions that do what they say they do – backup your data. However, these solutions have limitations; lack functionality and points of failure that most businesses don’t realize and can’t tolerate once they experience a failure.

Pro-Active IT Managed Service Solutions

Our Pro-Active IT Managed Services with Data Back-Up eliminates these short comings. First, our solution monitors our customers’ backups. We are alerted when a scheduled backup of any covered device fails to occur on schedule. When this happens, we immediately resolve the matter and make sure backups resume. Second, our Pro-Active Monitoring (PAM) allows us to detect, in many circumstances, approaching hardware failures, including hard drives. So, in this instance, if our customer had our PAM we would have notified him that his laptop’s hard drive is going to fail soon. This would have allowed us to maximize data retention and schedule the replacement of the failed drive at a time most convenient to our customer. Third, my very busy customer would not have had to switch his focus to solving his data loss and loss of his laptop from productive business activity, including making sure customers are unaffected. Of course, having your data backed up is one thing. But having to restore that data as quickly as possible to get your organization back up and running is another challenge. Often times this task may fall to individuals who have never performed a data restore.

For our Service customers, these problems are essentially prevented but if there is an undetected hardware failure, there will be a current data backup and our customers won’t have to scramble to determine what to do or how to restore. They can continue to focus on their customers.

The story is on track for a happy ending. Customer has committed to our IT Managed Service Solutions.
We’d love to protect your business before the, otherwise inevitable, painful IT failure impacts your business. Please contact us today to schedule a free IT assessment.

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