Ransomware Attacks

05 Jun Ransomware Attacks

May 2019

Every day, businesses, private organizations and even government agencies fall victim to cyber-criminals and ransomware attacks.in May 2019, the City of Baltimore’s budget office estimated it will cost $18.2 million dollars to restore its systems and services which were locked by ransomware. In April 2017 the City of Atlanta suffered a similar attack, costing taxpayers upwards of $17 million.

The most effective way to prevent these types of large-scale attacks is to have a plan in place before the attack. As part of our Managed Service Solutions, we design proactive strategies that minimize the likely hood of our customers experiencing a successful phishing or ransomware attack.

If you’re not our customer yet but would like to learn more about protecting your business or organization we would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you and conduct a free IT Network & Security on-site Assessment. Please contact us today 844.875.2133 or email info@lsgtech.com.

Source: Baltimore Sun

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