Ohio is Getting Back to Work June 2020

01 Jun Ohio is Getting Back to Work June 2020

June 1, 2020

As the State of Ohio begins to re-open for many businesses and retailers, employees and employers are faced with the daunting task of moving data from one location to another. Many people were able to work from home and store files directly to their computers. Many others were forced to remotely log into a main server location at work. For some though, they are forced to manually move files from one computer to another. If you are in this situation, LSG can help. We offer Managed IT Services and cloud backups where you can safely, securely store your files. You can even retrieve them from just about wherever you are. Plus, with our guaranteed backups, you’ll know that you always have a recent copy of all of your files, in once place!

Our Managed IT Services is an excellent for business of all sizes; from 5 computers (5-7 employees) to dozens of computers (50-100 employees +). Our Managed Services is scalable for the size of the business, and the frequency each computer is used. For example, one of the computers on your network is used only for shipping, and requires less attention than the main point of service computer. We would then price out that computer less than the others, giving you more attention where it’s truly needed. On top of that, our services are prices extremely easy and fair; you pay one amount per month and you have unlimited support!

Contact us at 440.239.8426 or email info@lsgtech.com for more information.

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