Managed IT Services in Northeast Ohio

13 Jul Managed IT Services in Northeast Ohio

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services from LSG Tech is more than a service, it’s peace of mind. In today’s ever turbulent world, managing your computers at work should not take your valuable time. Our flat-rate fee to maintain computer systems works well with most companies. If your office has more than 3 computers, you know that maintaining them can be costly at times. Our flat-rate IT service helps to smooth out the highs and lows of computer costs. We also place extra emphasis on the computers you use the most.

24 Hour Reliability

Computers and networks go down at any point during the day and night. What happens when your network goes down when your technician takes the day off? And what happens when you need immediate assistance, search on Google for a tech near you? Our IT Services takes care of all of these issues and more. Your system is remotely monitored by us, giving us immediate access to your network as soon as you need it. Plus, we can monitor the system to help prevent those issues in the first place.

Real World Examples

For example, one of our customers has 5 computers in the office, and a computer in the shipping department. That computer only gets used once or twice a day, when shipments go out. So that computer does not need as much focus as the main point of sale computer. We’re able to create a custom IT service that is tailored to your business and your computer needs.

Help Desk at Your Fingertips

We all like to call and talk to someone on the phone, especially in an emergency situation. Have you tried to get through to a large tech corporation for tech support? You’re either on hold or stuck in a chat box, and many times that simply doesn’t work. LSG employs several techs, all on hand, IT experts, located in the United States, and ready to take your call.

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