Five Tips to Avoid Tech Support Phone Scams

14 Jun Five Tips to Avoid Tech Support Phone Scams

As a Dell Partner, we received a warning from Dell recently regarding an improvement in the sophistication of fake or third party entities, claiming to be part of Dell’s technical telephone support group. Obviously, the goal of the fraud is to extract a payment for “tech support” to fix a non-existent problem. The fraud starts with an unsolicited phone call with the scammer insisting you are about to experience a technical problem or have a malware infection which will cause irreparable damage to your computer, network or data if not fixed immediately.

Of course, Dell and its partners never make unsolicited technical support calls. Please immediately disregard these types of calls. If you are concerned you may have a legitimate problem contact us for immediate assistance.

Dell and its Partners offer these five tips to help people and their organizations from being victimized:

1. Hang up! If an unsolicited caller pressures you to act quickly and give up sensitive personal and financial information to fix an issue and/or engages in threatening, aggressive behavior, that’s a sign of a scam.

2. Never hand over your financial information to unsolicited callers who try to charge you to remove computer viruses, malware, or ransomware, even if they have specific information about your computer.

3. Never pay for tech support services with any type of gift card or by wiring funds. Dell will never ask you for these forms of payment.

4. Never visit unverified websites and never download and install software that unsolicited callers try directing you to.

5. Never agree to give control of your computer to any unsolicited caller to fix an issue you did not report—despite how convincing they may sound.

Being proactive is always an organization’s best defense against telemarketing, digital scams and data security. Please contact us any time to discuss how our services would support you.

Source: Direct2Dell

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