Critical Cyber Security Tips for Small Businesses

06 Sep Critical Cyber Security Tips for Small Businesses

September 2, 2019

The Federal Communications Commission published a list of cyber security tips for small businesses. Here are critical tips they recommend with my thoughts and suggestions.

“Train employees in security principles” In our era of computing devices embedded into almost all facets of life, it’s easy to assume employees understand and apply basic security practices. This is often not the case, especially with regards to the use of strong passwords and network security practices.

“Protect information, computers, and networks from cyber attacks” Protecting our customers’ networks from cyber attacks is at the heart of our Managed Service Solution. These attacks can cripple your business for days, cause delays in meeting customer’s requirements, loss of critical data to criminals and expensive remediation costs.

“Provide firewall security for your Internet connection” If you are not sure what this is or who is managing it as you run your business, please contact us immediately.

“Create a mobile device action plan” Many small businesses don’t have a policy with regards to company data stored on personal devices and personal devices accessing the company’s network.

“Make backup copies of important business data and information” Most businesses are good at making sure they are backing up their local files. But do you know how frequently you should be backing up data? What method is best for your business – local, cloud or hybrid solution? Do you have the expertise to perform a restore if needed? When was the last time you or your current IT vendor practiced a restore?

“Control physical access to your computers and create user accounts for each employee” Controlling physical access is of course critical but so is limiting employee access to your business’s private, sensitive financial data, trade secrets, proprietary information and plans. Without system access controls, a disgruntled employee could install malicious software to disrupt your business or create hidden access.

“Secure your Wi-Fi networks” Password protecting your Wi-Fi network is a great first step to securing your business’ network. However, this is only one component required to protect your business’ network and data.

“Limit employee access to data and information, and limit authority to install software” It may be best not to provide any one employee with access to all data systems. Employees should only be given access to the specific data systems that they need for their jobs and should not be able to install any software without permission.

If your business hasn’t assessed its IT security practices recently, or if you would just like to get an expert second opinion, Lighthouse is happy to provide a free, initial network security assessment for your business. Please contact us to schedule.

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