Website Vulnerabilities Allowed Hackers to Access Uber database

10 Sep Website Vulnerabilities Allowed Hackers to Access Uber database

On August 21, 2020 Uber’s former Chief Security Officer (CSO), Joe Sullivan, was indicted on one count
each of obstruction of Justice and misprision in connection with a felony. In the Fall of 2016 hackers
discovered a “major vulnerability” that allowed them access to a Uber database. The hackers demanded
a $100,000 payment. Mr. Sullivan attempted to hide this security breach and payment from the public
and government regulators by mischaracterizing the payment as a bug bounty – the payment to
someone for discovering an error or weakness in payer’s software.

Cyber criminals don’t just target large enterprise businesses like Uber. They are constantly searching for
network vulnerabilities of businesses big and small, seeking to capture corporate and customer data in
order to force large payments from these companies.

Almost every business should implement an IT network security solution. But unlike Uber, most small
businesses can’t afford a dedicated in house CSO with a team of network security professionals working
24x7x365. But small businesses that utilize Lighthouse Solutions Group’s, network security solutions do
get 24x7x365 pro-actively monitored network security protection customized to their business’s needs.

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