LSG Tech Now Offering Personal Protective Equipment!

20 Jul LSG Tech Now Offering Personal Protective Equipment!

So why is Lighthouse Solutions Group, which focuses on delivering excellent IT Managed Services and related IT centric solutions, now offering its customers Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)? It all started with a customer. A Managed Services customer of ours is a long-time 3M Distributor and supplier of PPE into the Manufacturing and Industrial sectors. When the Pandemic arrived many of their customers were temporarily shuttered down or experienced a major slowdown in business and in turn had much less need for PPE items.

This left our customer sitting on a store of medical grade PPE items, including coveted 3M N95 Masks. They offered products to Ohio Hospital systems at Pre-Pandemic prices, and quickly became an important supplier to several. Our customer knew we have an extensive worldwide network of product traders asked us to tap this resource to develop new supply chains for PPE products. At the same time, it became clear to us that, unfortunately for the foreseeable future, many of our customers will need quality PPE products from a company they know they can depend on. So, through an arrangement with our customer Lighthouse Solutions Group can now offer PPE at excellent prices to our customers and any organization in need. Sales of PPE product will be processed through Lighthouse Safety Solutions.

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